Thursday, October 2, 2014

Da Coach

My friends's daughter is studying to be a Life Coach and I agreed to let her practice on me.  I  thought I was in for a little light weight therapy. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I had some goals in mind and a vague desire to work on them. The coach started putting me through the paces the minute I stepped on the field.  Pushups. Weights. Crunches. Squats.  Of course the "field" was mental and so were the "activities" but they left me out of breath and reaching for the gatoraide.  And definitely inspired.

You know what?  I feel like I made the team.  Yes, my image of today's session was like being with "Da Coach".  Whew!  But, eventually, as I work on my goals (and I intend to) maybe I'll get to be with Phil Jackson.  Ahhhhh.

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