Friday, October 3, 2014

I've Got Mail

Everyday, when I open my email, there are 20 or 30 messages waiting for me.   A sudden surge in popularity?  No. It's election season and the electronic precinct captains have found my inbox.

These messages leave me annoyed and dismayed.  Who WRITES these things?
First, there are the weepy supplications:  "we're begging . . . we're pleading with you . . . "we're not going to last another day . . ."  Then, there are the creepy accusations:  "why haven't we heard from you? . . . "you are deliberately ignoring us . . ."  They think they're cute because they know how to insert your first name.  ("Hi, Joan, it's President Obama here.") Or, they lead with a little story before they get to the donation plea.

Sorry, precinct captains.  It's too late to get creative.  I'm clicking off these emails now as fast as they appear.  So much for engaging in the democratic process.

Here's what would get me engaged:  Campaigns that begin on Labor Day and end in November.  A voting day holiday. Public financing for all candidates.  A limit on TV ads. Televised debates that include candidates other than the Democratic or Republican nominee.

I'm not foolish enough to go begging or pleading for this . . .  am I?

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