Saturday, September 26, 2015

State Dinner

I know you're probably pooped from watching all the Pope stuff.   It's redundancy for ratings that's at work and I got bored after the first go around.  So, I'm not going to linger too much with this but just make a small observation.

I wish some of the Pope stuff had rubbed off on President Obama in his choice of guests for the state dinner with the Chinese head of State.  I know Michele looked gorgeous and she was wearing Vera Wang.  Careful choice.  I also know that these dinners are payback for big donors.  So what else is new?

With the Pope in mind, maybe a few Chinese restaurant owners could have been invited?  Not the ones in New York or here in Chinatown, but a few from Idaho or North Dakota?  It always amazes me that there's a chinese restaurant no matter where you are.

I hope the egg roll was crisp not soggy and the fortune cookies held out hope for us all.

Friday, September 11, 2015

C'mon Al

C'mon Al, please lighten up.  I saw you on TV last night and I felt sad.  That's something I thought I would never say about Al Frankin:  the man with the grin, the chuckle and the dead aim at the overblown.  Yes Al, we all know you are a SENATOR now, and it is SERIOUS work.  But does it have to be a metamorphous?  If so, this is one in reverse:  the beautiful butterfly that you were on Saturday Night Live has become the grey caterpiller we don't pay attention to.

When asked to comment on the Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, I sat up.  "If anyone can handle this one, it's our Al," I grinned.  Instead, he went all sour.  "I am a SENATOR now."  He looked like he would go home and burn all of his copies of Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.

They say Washington ruins everyone.  It does take its toll.