Friday, September 13, 2013

Message to the Universe

Voyager 1, launched by NASA in 1977, is the first man-made object to enter the dark region beyond our solar system.  If there is a message stored inside, I haven't heard about it.  I hope there is one, and I hope it goes something like this.

Greetings from the planet Earth.

We have human beings here who are smart enough to have invented this device which has just now broken free of our solar system.  But, even though we possess so much intelligence, we are in deep trouble.  We have not been able to figure out how to live peacefully with each other.  Our whole existence has been one of killing and destruction.

We also have not been wise enough to respect our natural habitat.  Our lifestyle is destroying our planet to the point where we can actually envision our own extinction.  Yet, no one has the will to turn things around.  If you are more advanced, we could surely use your help.

All of us.