Sunday, October 19, 2014


They're not ours, so I'm not as excited about the Kansas City Royals as I was about the Jackie Robinsons, but I love a good story, especially an improbable one, and the Royals' undefeated march to the Worlds Series fits the bill.

But, if I was going to have a place in my heart for the Giants, it would be because of another improbable story.  For those who haven't been paying attention (most of my friends), there was a walk off homer to clinch the game and the series spot for the Giants.

Frank Burke was the fan in the stands who caught the ball.  Afterwards, he took the ball down to the dugout to give it back to the hitter, Travis Ishikama.  "I believe in karma," Frank said.  "I didn't hit that ball. If anyone should have it in their trophy case, it should be the guy who hit it."

Frank's faith in karma paid off.  He now has a signed bat and four tickets to the World Series.  He's going to take one of his friends who is battling cancer.

More karma. I'm not surprised.

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