Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NY Land

I'm glad I was able to get to New York City during my visit with Bill and family in upstate New York.  It's a drive, but oh how exciting to go over the George Washington Bridge, down Broadway.  The Empire State Building.  Times Square blasting away.  One more time . . . it feels so good . . . thanks Bill.

He was hosting a Q and A after a screening of La La Land for the Producers Guild of America -- East Coast.  It was a theater full of producers.
They come from all media now:  Film, TV, Internet, Commercials, Documentaries.  They are young.

I hope they will keep the cavalcade of stories interesting, inventive, stirring, substantial.  Bill says that only 11% of us actually go to the movies more than 6 times a year.

The parade is moving on. . . as it always does.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Music Everywhere

Miro and Bill are jammin'.  Dad on the keyboard, son on the guitar.  Miro is a whiz at picking up a tune, just like the old man.  I showed him some Pete Seeger and Paul Simon songs which he immediately absorbed.

Bill plays flute in a volunteer pickup orchestra.  An hour of rehearsal immediately followed by the performance.  The man in charged is a legend.  A pied piper for every wannabe in NY and environs.

When Bill invited Michael and Annie, they came more out of loyalty than enthusiasm.  "We were blown away!  It was tremendous!," they cried.  Annie is so impressed that she is going to recommend the orchestra to one of her corporate clients who encourage CEO's to participate in innovative and unusual experiences.

Memo to CEO's:  Bill is the flute player on the right (and a film producer).  He is always looking for ways to finance a new idea.

Friday, November 18, 2016


Most of my friends are in the pits because they watched the pendulum swing way beyond it's expected arc.  While the "madness" of a Trump Presidency was becoming real, my perspective was widened as I've been taking a class entitled "Why the South Still Matters."

The Union beat the Confederacy.  The United States was saved.  The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were passed.  Slavery was abolished.

What I knew -- but needed to be reminded of -- is that Reconstruction only lasted until 1877.  Then, the Union army left the southern states, the plantation owners returned to power, the slaves were forced into sharecropping, and it would take almost 100 years before the north would dare intrude upon the south again.

And now?  We fret that the popular vote does not determine the winner.  I needed reminding that the electoral college was a byproduct of slavery.  It was designed to protect the less populated (by whites) southern states.

My quality of life depends on the times of FDR and Lyndon Johnson.  I need to remind myself that the pendulum keeps swinging.  Always swinging.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Parade Day

Today is Parade Day.  The event that wasn't in your date book a week ago.  You will work around your work.  You will change your plans for lunch or dinner.  Either to go -- or to stay away from the crush.

Why did we empty our bank accounts to score a ticket or even to occupy a bar stool near the park?
Why are we lined up outside pop up stores to grab the instant gear?
Why does the stadium wall become a chalk covered shrine?  We climb ladders to give those who are gone an inch of space.

We clutch at history.  Please stop.  Give me a solid place to stand.
And history keeps moving to tomorrow.  As memory of Parade Day will keep us anchored to today.  

Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary in History

A novelist, writing in the New Yorker, imagines Hillary as entering the White House with a bitterness
that reminds him of Richard Nixon.   When I think of Hillary, the Duke of Windsor comes to mind. The one who gave up his place at the top for love.

She was a star at Yale Law School and a rising star in Washington, even earning a spot on the Watergate Committee.  Then the move to Arkansas that stunned her friends and admirers.

And now?  Is it regret or revenge?

P.S.  I've said all along that having the first black President followed by the first female President is messing with too much primal stuff.  It's not going to be over when it's over.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The End of Secrecy

Harry Browne, a famous Libertarian, said:  "Don't do anything that requires your signature."  His lament was in response to "big brother" when "brother" was small, very small.  So now, what to do? What to do?

Spies meeting on a park bench?  A cell phone or long range lens gives them away.  Meeting with Deep Throat?  Garages have cameras everywhere.
Having an affair?  Think you're safe because you're not texting?  If you keep your phone turned on, that motel location can be easily identified.

When everything can be hacked, it's foolish to make Ed Snowdon into a traitor.  Hillary suffers from "not wanting to be bothered" syndrome rather than evil intent.

Maybe it's time to just give up and give in.  No more "Lock 'em up!" We're going to have an "examined life" whether we want one or not.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A White Sox Fan Gets Ready to Watch the World Series

Am I remembering this wrong?  About when the Sox won it all in 2005?  Wasn't there a lot of griping (or maybe just scratching of heads) about how the "other team" won it first?  Everyone was happy  -- as in "I'm happy for you." And that was about it.

 I'm happy for Steve Bartman.  I really hated Cubs fans during the whole ugly, ugly Bartman episode.  How despicable.  Blaming the team's ineptitude on an innocent who did what we all would do instinctively?  That's about as bush as it gets.  So I hope Steve is excited about the Series.  I hope he has a good seat -- even if it's still in his den.

I'm happy for my friend Myles who got tickets for Sunday's game!  He's taking his superfan son.  Yes, he reached deep into the bank account.  But he reached with a grin.  I'll try to spot him on TV.

I'm happy for one of my favorite sportscasters : Mike Wilbon.  And, of course, Michelle.

 I'm happy for you Cubs.  You've got a great team and a great manager.  I hope -- like the Sox -- you win it all.