Sunday, October 5, 2014

Not in My Back Yard

So far, no country wants to host the 2022 Olympic Games.  Norway, Poland, and Germany put the invitation to a vote.  They all turned it down.  The only countries that have shown any interest (and where there is no vote) are China and (get ready) Kazakhstan.

Did the corruption finally catch up with the IOC?  Did countries finally realize that the cost of infrastructure cripples their economy?  The IOC doesn't pay the athletes.  It doesn't pay for transportation.  It never shares the revenue.

While we in the U.S. are busy bashing the NFL for their lame approach to player and owner misconduct, the rest of the world is doing the same to the IOC.

We love our athletes.  Why can't we treat them better?

The only good thing about the IOC is that they immediately rejected Chicago's bid to host the games. Whew!  Speaking of that silly effort :
Note to ex-Mayor Daley:  You are permanently banned from any civic exercise that criticizes the IOC. You will always remain a sucker for your Olympic bid.  (And don't think we haven't figured out it was a land grab.)

Where in the world is Kazakhstan?  I'm going right now to look it up.

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