Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lots to Learn

Dave Zirin, the savvy sports columnist and author, says it best:  "The NCAA rules are stealing a generation of wealth from African Americans."  No amount of hyperbole can overstate the story out of the University of North Carolina. (Remember, this is Michael Jordan territory.)

For 20 years, "student athletes" in the basketball and football programs have been allowed to keep their eligibility intact by taking "paper" classes.  The so-called student is not required to attend any classes, only to submit a "paper" that no faculty member actually examines, and, magically, a good grade appears.

There's more.  Most of these "paper" classes are in the African American studies departments. At many universities, there has been a huge effort by students and faculty members to install these classes. They know that history belongs to those with enough power to make a story visible and make it relevant.

Zirin says this is not a UNC problem.  It is happening at all of the "big program" schools.  As for those students who really want to take advantage of getting a good education (the ones that the NCAA is always touting), they had better keep their skills up because they can be cut and thrown off campus anytime the millionaire coaches decide.

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