Friday, October 10, 2014

Tear Downs

Lately, I've been surrounded by the theme of moving on.   My son and his family just completed a cross country odyssey as they left Los Angeles for a different kind of life in upstate New York.  And, one of my dear friends just told me that she is selling her big, old, comfortable house on the North Shore. The one with the screened in porch, and great green yard.  The one where she ended up being the last one left.  So, now it's on to a condo, new neighbors and other neighbors who are already her friends.  Since houses like hers are only valuable for the property, it will become a tear down.  And, a "McMansion" will take its place.

I remember when the stately Victorian homes on La Salle Street became tear downs.  Arthur Rubloff Real Estate bought them up one by one to eventually build Sandburg Village. There was actually a pile where savvy scavengers could go to pick up hardwood shutters and brass doorknobs.  Things are much more organized now.

My friend and I were sorority sisters at Northwestern.  The condo where she is going to live is on the same street where our sorority house stood.

It was a tear down many years ago.

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