Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Painted Lady

The other day, a woman complimented me about my makeup.  We chatted and I said:"I never go anywhere without makeup."  (Thinking to myself:  "Not even to the emergency room, having a heart attack.  While waiting for my ride, I "put on my face" and carefully packed my cosmetics kit into my bag.")

I have many friends who wear no makeup.  They are women who have extraordinary intellectual prowess and stellar careers.  Does my unbreakable habit reflect some mourned upon deficiency that requires an extra layer to hide behind?

Or maybe it's my mother.  I don't remember ever seeing her without makeup.  Or heels for that matter.  Even her bedroom slippers had little heels.   I'm only exaggerating a little when I say she went to the beauty parlor and died that night in her sleep.

 Like I said, this makeup habit stays with me to the end.


  1. I have nothing against women who choose not to wear makeup BUT What’s included in your “getting ready routine” is your business. So continue to enjoy your make-up routine.
    I don't believe we can determine a woman’s confidence level based upon the colors of her eyelids.
    I’ve been wearing makeup since I was a teenager. For me, and likeminded women, makeup is an extension of fashion. It complements or enhances an outfit. It is a luxury, a treat or an accessory. I simply like it! And high heels too.

  2. My dear Joan, your intellectual prowess needs nothing to hide behind. In my own case, I link wearing more makeup to my loss of gainful employment and the need to be "on". I sometimes get really bored with the endlessly repetitive routine. I would love to be in a situation where I wore makeup because I wanted to wear it, and not out of some perceived necessity.

  3. Our Mothers must have been sisters. The only question is what line: Arden or Revson.