Friday, April 22, 2016

My Private Prince

There are some people who step up in such extraordinary fashion that  they deserve a pass for whatever happens from that moment on.  In public, I put Jackie in that category.  After the assassination and the funeral, she could marry the ugly Greek or spend as much as she wanted and I would still wear those signature sunglasses proudly.

My friend Phyllis doesn't need a pass but would get one willingly any time.  She was the one who was determined not to let me feel like a loser when I was reeling from a second divorce.  She was the one who introduced me to all of her great friends and made me feel like something new was possible.

When Prince died yesterday, I immediately thought of Phyllis and how she took me along with her friends to see Purple Rain.  I loved it.  Yes, life is always waiting.

I didn't follow Prince's career.  But I never forgot that moment and I'm certainly thinking of it now.

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