Friday, April 15, 2016

A Taxing Day

Income Tax Day and, between Bernie and the Panama Papers, I am feeling more cynical than ever.  As one of the "little people" of course I will file knowing how many giants say: "zero for me."  Thom Hartmann says the best investment a company can make is to buy a congressman or two.  It's about a 150% return on investment.

It amazes me how many public people don't bother to file.  Harold Washington and Alan Iverson skipped years and that sad sack Mel Reynolds is in trouble again.

When I was with Len I participated in his Tax Day (actually night) ritual.  We would wait until a few minutes before midnight to head downtown to the big Post Office to hand over our cash.  So many others had the same idea that mailmen were out on the street taking our envelopes from our cars. Tax protesters livened up the scene.

I loved paying my property taxes when I lived in Oak Lawn.  There was a gorgeous park with tennis courts and swimming pool across the street and in the winter I could take exercise classes or walk at the indoor arena.

And of course I am so grateful for medicare and social security.  Yes, that's how I will celebrate Tax Day.

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  1. I have an old friend who calls another old buddy every time he gets a check from Uncle Sam. He feels he has gotten the best of the deal. Live long enough and I suppose it is true.