Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jackie and Barack

What was Barack Hussein Obama thinking when he married Michelle Robinson?  Was he hoping to forge an alliance as strong as that between Rachel and Jackie Robinson?  Couldn't hurt to think that way.  When the President and First Lady appear in Ken Burns' biopic Jackie Robinson and Michelle describes her role as"ally in chief," I thought:  "Maybe it's Michelle who understands the destiny attached forever to her name."

There's a theory about the Obama presidency:  if only he had spent more time at Washington cocktail parties and watering holes; if he had hung out more with his Congressional brethren, he would have accomplished more.  He is criticized for insisting on spending his free evenings privately with his family.

Rachel Robinson talks movingly about how she and Jackie knew they needed a safety zone where Jackie could unwind as much as he could from the continuous assault he endured on the field and as a public figure.

With the Senate willing to deny the President even his constitutional duties, those family evenings make a lot of sense.

Men do come along who are exceptional enough to move the needle.  Not often though,  because it's so damn hard.


  1. I loved watching some of the first night! He was an incredible person. I loved watching him on TV when he was with the Brooklyn Dodgers!

  2. The Potus himself also made an interesting comment on the Burns documentary. He talked about the challenge Robinson had in containing his assertive and feisty personality during the first two years of his time with the Dodgers. I suspect President Obama might tell us all a bit about what that was like for himself.