Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spelling it Out

My Senior Center is hosting a Spelling Bee for us oldsters.  If Marvin Berntein shows up, I can only hope for a second place finish.  He was my grammar school nemesis -- beating me year after year.  I know exactly how those NBAsters felt during the Jordan years.  MB was my own private MJ.

Maybe Marvin has ascended to the Spelling Bee in the sky and it's safe to sign up.  I'm sure the judges won't be so cruel as to give us those complicated words -- the ones the asian kids always get right.

Nah.  Spellcheck has messed me up.  And the most I can remember are a few latin roots and "i before e."

Not enough . . . not enough.


  1. Good Luck, Joan! Being a stickler for spelling myself, this event sound like a lot of fun.