Saturday, August 29, 2015

Don't blame me

 Michael Brown, the notorious ex-Fema Chief during Katrina,  has written a plea "Don't Blame Me for Katrina."  It turns out to be all about him.  Sorry, we don't feel sorry for you.

Now, is Andy Cohen, the ebullient guru of Bravo TV Network and King of Reality TV,  going to have to do the same?   Is Andy going to have to write: "Don't Blame Me for Donald Trump?"

 I'll bet he doesn't because Andy is so likeable and savvy.  And he is never defensive because  he learned so well from Jerry Springer.  Andy elevated the game to fight-fests for the middle class.  He loves and respects all of his trashy "real" characters as he rolls his eyes and carts his money to the bank.

My favorite awful show is "Housewives of New Jersey" followed closely by "Housewives of Los Angeles."  Jersey has two players taking turns in jail and LA has one just arrested for shop lifting from Target.  So it goes.

The best person I can imagine to interview The Donald would be Andy.  I'm sure he understands him completely.

C'mon Andy.  Make it happen.

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