Friday, August 14, 2015

Two Kings

Michael Jordan returned to Chicago this week.  Adoring fans flocked downtown to catch a glimpse of him as he entered the Courthouse.  Michael was here to testify in a lawsuit over protecting his identity against illegal use. The illegality had already been affirmed.  Now it was time to find out what that identity is really worth.  Jordan's hefty contracts with Nike, Gatorade, Hanes and others add up to millions.
It's very good to be Michael Jordan.

Le Bron James returned to Akron, Ohio last year.  He chose to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers because he missed his roots.  Adoring fans forgave him for leaving and cherished his return.  Today, King James announced that, through his foundation, he is going to put up the money for more than 1,000 grade schoolers to attend college.   If they keep up their education, they will be able to attend the University of Akron with Le Bron footing the entire bill.

It's very good for deserving kids to know Le Bron James.

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