Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Could it be?

When my baseball loving friend Don died a few years ago, I lamented: "Another Cub fan dies too soon."  I was thinking about the White Sox fans who in 2005 flocked to cemeteries around Chicago to let their loved ones know that the Sox had finally won the ultimate prize and were world champs.  It wasn't quite as startling as when Obama was elected President, but it had that same feel of "I never thought I would live to see the day."

 Wrigley field held no allure for me. It seemed like a falling apart dump the last time I was there.  Maybe I didn't get near enough to the ivy to feel it was special.  And, the owners always seemed like they wanted to big foot the neighborhood.

But now I am ready to put this all aside and hope that the Cubs win.  When they swept the Champion San Francisco Giants over the weekend, I decided it would be small minded not to urge them on.

So, this White Sox fan is embracing diversity.  I'm not going to watch or anything.  Just wish them well.

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