Sunday, December 7, 2014

Looter Land

Those who want protesters to go away, especially to stop disrupting traffic or prevent shopping, can always focus on the looters.  "See," they say, "they are a bunch of "scumbags" (Charles Barkley's word), or "thugs."  

Yes, protesters are in our face.  All we want to do is get back and forth to work or to the store.  Some of us appreciate their effort and give them the thumbs up.  For others, looters are the perfect excuse for lumping protesters all together and hating their uppity presence.

Now, in a galaxy far away, live another band of looters.  Here the bankers live and thrive. The "too-bigsters" who looted our treasury.  Next door live the investment people, who loot companies, ship the jobs elsewhere, or close them down and pocket the profits. This neighborhood is so popular, the politicians and regulators can't wait to leave their jobs and move in.

I'm not saying anything new.   Still, the image of a guy walking through a smashed window carrying a TV set sticks in our mind.  It's hard to capture an image of looter land.

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