Wednesday, December 24, 2014

As Time Goes By

These end of the year death lists leave me with a warped sense of time.  Sid Caesar.  Didn't he die years ago?  Pete Seeger.  He immediately becomes immortal.  James Foley.  Please let this not be true. Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Will Hollywood ever be able to make a thoughtful film without him?
My ex-husband Jay.  I loved seeing the pictures of him when he was young and so handsome.

The beautiful Clark Terry didn't make the list.  He's still keepin' on at 94.  Dick Cheney missed it.  The machine in his chest that allows him to spread his poison is working quite well.  Just another reminder that we're not in charge.

Again in 2014, the grim reaper has been busy mowing down the invisible boys as well as the protested-over. As always, the famous take their identical place next to the heaps of humanity caught in the path of war, disease, and yes, old age.

For those of us still here to love some more of life:  HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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