Friday, December 19, 2014

Just Thinking Out Loud

Here's a pipe dream worth piping up about:  A Major League Baseball team in Havana!  The Island is mad about baseball.  Generations of talented players have been winning Olympic Medals and World Titles.  Some, (nineteen today) have made it past the travel restrictions and are playing in our big leagues.  We've got MLB the Rookie of the Year Jose Abreu right here on the South Side.

Now come the second thoughts.  Would a Major League franchise, with its relentless assault of commercialism, overwhelm the Cuban people?  Concerns of a thoughtful Cuban were expressed in today's Sun Times.  "I wouldn't want to lose that uniquely Cuban solidarity or for this to become a mere consumerist or individualist society."

It will be interesting to see if solidarity survives the invasion of corporate interests.  Yes, Major League Baseball is corporate . . . but, at least, it promises us a lot of fun.

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