Monday, December 1, 2014

Doing it Over

When Marguerite and Shelby were over for Thanksgiving dinner, we asked each other what ideal career would we have liked to have.  I said civil rights attorney.  Today, I changed my mind:  sportswriter and television sports commentator.  I am inspired by Jemele Hill.  

Jemele is from Detroit (sound familiar?) and worked her way up from smaller newspapers, to the Detroit Free Press to her show on ESPN.  Even though her high profile is unique,   (or maybe because it is),  she hasn't played it safe.  If you're interested, look up her comments about the Celtics, Barry Bonds vs. Lance Armstrong, ice dancing, or WNBA players "coming out."  

Jemele Hill's interview with Janay Palmer Rice splashed over on to the mainstream network shows this week.  If the NFL is going to take a huge hit because of domestic violence, it seems right that Hill should get great access to the story.

I'm glad we can still have "do overs", if only with our imagination.

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