Monday, November 3, 2014

Up Staged

The movie closed the next day.  The Music Box guy said one of the stars had attended the opening. That was  still not enough publicity to penetrate my tiny world.  Keep on Keepin" On is a documentary about Clark Terry and the young pianist Justin Kauflin.  Even as diabetes hacks away at his legs, Terry's huge heart remains intact.  Justin is just the latest of the thousands of young jazz wannabes Terry has inspired and helped.  Quincey Jones plays a big role too.

If you can find it playing somewhere or if you can rent it, please see Keep On Keepin" On. Go for the music, the history, the camera work.  You'll stay for the stories of determination, generosity, talent,  and love. 

These old jazz lions are way too hip not to be kind.

The week before I went to see Birdman, another film about life on the stage.  Two and a half hours of whining,  self-centered actors taking themselves so seriously to prove they are really important.  You know, we're making art here!

Birdman is getting all the buzz.

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