Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bravo Brittany

Before she went to Oregon to die, Brittany Maynard went to the Grand Canyon.  That's exactly what I would have done.  When my time comes I hope to have images of the Grand Canyon vivid in my mind.

I visited the Grand Canyon twice.  The first time was with an Elderhostel group accompanied by an anthropologist, a geologist and a literary scholar.  Indians took us rafting on the Colorado river and we slept overnight on the beach.

The next time I was with a love of mine and friends.  We left from Scottsdale foolishly wearing flimsy clothing.  When we got to the Canyon it was snowing.  We jumped out of the warm car, over to the railing to take a peek, and then back into the warmth of the running engine.  Just a few seconds with eternity.

Coming down the mountain, the snow was so fierce that we had only the lights of the car ahead to guide us.  It would have been scary, but the Canyon takes away a lot of fear.

So, RIP our brave Brittany.  I hope the Canyon was some comfort at the end.

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