Monday, November 10, 2014

Bye, Bye Ebola

A few weeks ago I went to my doctor at The Rush Medical Center.  Usually the waiting room is filled with oldsters navigating their canes and walkers around the crowd.  Not this time.  The place was empty.

"Come this way", chirped the nurse before I had a chance to sit down.  I was x-rayed, patted, reviewed, encouraged, and back in my car in 45 minutes.  "What was that?", I mused to myself as I drove home.  "Could it be ebola?"  After all, Rush had been designated as the care center in Chicago should ebola show up here.  So far, no ebola, but no people either.

Apparently, the election being over is the best cure for ebola here in the USA.  The scare-mongering governors have done their work and reaped the political rewards.   Ebola is back in Africa now and will likely draw little attention.  But, since "westerners" contracted the disease, the effort to find a vaccine has been accelerated.  "W", in a belated profile in courage,   thought it was safe enough to visit the Texas hospital that botched the early response. He happily hugged the nurse who was cured elsewhere.

I bet the waiting room at Rush will be crowded again the next time I have an appointment.

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