Friday, November 7, 2014

Jerry! Jerry!

Jerry Springer was on TV today talking about the election.  Most of you probably know that he was once Mayor of Cincinnati and is now a lefty political pundit and contributor to the Democrats.  

This side of Jerry is not nearly as flashy as his other side:  the ringmaster of the raucous Jerry Springer Show -- now in its astonishing 24th year!  Jerry takes a bemused attitude towards his over the top guests.  And those frequent trips to the bank help too, I'm sure.

They say the show is a favorite among college students.  Maybe that would give him enough cred to inspire some voting among them.  Nothing else seems to work.

Jerry was pretty calm today about the Democratic debacle on Tuesday.  He was in the mood for "the arc is long but leads towards justice" stuff.  I guess so.  Black poverty is better than slavery, and the "right to same-sex marriage" I'm sure will lead to the "right to same-sex divorce."  

Maybe it's all that whoopin" and hollerin" on the show that necessitates Jerry's  zen like approach.  Long arcs don't work too well for oldsters like me.

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