Monday, November 17, 2014

Fantasy Football

I'm still mad at Pat Fitzgerald for not supporting Kain Colter's brave effort to bring some equity into the student-athlete situation.  I'm still disappointed at Northwestern's won-lost record this year.  But I'm not going to mention that today.  I'm just going to stand tall with my team for beating big, bad Notre Dame.  And, the way they did it in overtime brings all of us underdog loving fans to their feet to give one thundering round of applause.

And while I'm being sappy about the Wildcats, here's another great story:  Tom Hruby, a 33-year old active Navy Seal made it onto the team as a walk-on.  Tom served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq before donning the purple pads in Evanston.  He plays on the special teams squad.  Perfect spot for him.  Go Tom!  Go Cats!

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