Friday, May 2, 2014


My financial advisor divorced me a few weeks ago because I no longer have the minimum amout of money to warrant her services.  It was a blow.  This was after I've learned to live with the repeated "discontinued" label being slapped on so many of my favorite products.  The latest is the Marimekko store at Crate and Barrel.  I've loved the Marimekko look since it first came here in the 1950's.  The last outlet in Chicago closes at the end of May.  But, it's one thing for your possessions to be discontinued, it's another when it's you.

So, I really would understand how crushing it would be for Hillary to look inward and decide not to run for President in 2016.  Today I read an interesting take on this from Tina Brown at
the  Tina says Hillary should skip being President and go right to a more satisfying role: ex-President.  Look what it's done for Bill, and Jimmy Carter, and even W. who is painting away.  I think she could pull it off because we've been examining her for years as if she held highest office.

Hillary could be a strong and effective voice for the issues she cares about and we would pay attention instead of sniping about her pants suits and hairdos.

One totally satisfying way I've found to not feel "discontinued" is being a grandmother.  Those kids still attach some importance to me and I love it.

Hillary might enjoy that too.

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