Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Rob Ford, the crack cocaine smoking Mayor of Toronto is missing.  He said he was coming to the U.S. for rehab, but he did not enter the country and hasn't been seen since.  The maylasian airline is still missing.  As far as I know, (and I stopped following the story), despite all of the resources devoted to finding it, there has not been a trace of evidence from the downed plane.

There's another "missing" story out there that needs our immediate attention. This is about the Nigerian girls who have been kidnapped and are being, as we speak, "sold into slavery."  These girls are who we really need to find!  C'mon people. If we can spend millions on looking for the plane, and thousands of hours of air time talking about the plane, we can gear up for finding these girls!

As for Ford, I'm convinced he'll show up on his own.

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