Sunday, May 4, 2014


A friend asked me who I was rooting for in game 7: Thunder or Mavs.  I said: "I can't say I really care because Oklahoma and Texas are at the bottom of my favorite states list."  My mind just works that way.  But then I thought: "I really cheer for the players."  So, it was Thunder because I love Kevin Durant.  Did you know he contributed one million dollars to Oklahoma tornado victims?  Pretty special for a black man in that racist state.

Besides basketball, Oklahoma is in the news this week because of the state's botched effort to inflict the death penalty.  Man commits gruesome crime and gets gruesome execution.  A local poll says the people there like it that way.  He got what he deserved.

Yesterday, I heard the most clear argument agains the death penalty: If you knew when you say "Yes" to a certain person getting death, you were also saying "Yes" to an innocent person being executed, could you still say "Yes"?

I'm glad the Clippers won and are on to the next round.  If they end up playing OKC, I'll take California.

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