Saturday, May 10, 2014


During his ceremony for being named this year's MBA MVP, Kevin Durant made an extraordinary tribute to his mother.  Replay went way beyond the sports world and seems to be anchoring media coverage of Mothers' Day.  Keeping up with the theme, the NFL players chosen in the draft were asked to comment on their mothers.  The result is an outpouring of love, thanks, and excitement about being able to give back.  So, take that you mean spirited people who castigate poor, single mothers as "takers."  I'm going to think of these mothers as "givers" because we get so much pleasure watching the talented players they have raised.

And, speaking of appreciation, I just received an extraordinary invitation.  It is for a Patient Appreciation party that my dentist, Dr. Beaty, is hosting.   During the many years I've been in her care, I knew she was one of a kind and I know I am so lucky to have her.  Now I can add giving a party for her patients to her unique stature.  Wow!

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