Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Two Donalds

Donald Trump blames it on the scheming girlfriend.  She put Donald Sterling up to it, egging him on to make those racist comments, all the while taping the phone call.  Poor Sterling didn't even know she had him at "hello." The one percent know how to stick together even if the rest of us don't.

I was once sureptitiously taped by my boss when he called me in for a job review.  Later, at a board meeting I was attending, he pulled out the tape and was about to play it for the group.  I was totally outraged.  I grabbed the tape, left the room in a fury,  and never went back to that job.  The deception really hurt, and it really hurt to give up the paycheck.

So, does being a racist get you voted out of the basketball billionaires club?  Mark Cuban, another owner,  calls it a slippery slope.  Maybe Mark's been in on some other conversations that the girlfriends never heard.  Or, the rest of us never heard.  Remember, the infamous Romney speech was caught by a waiter with a cellphone.

Bill used to have season tickets to the Clippers. He liked them because they were the "other guys" -- not the Lakers.  Oh well.

Here's an idea that's too radical to seriously explore, but, in the Donald Sterling moment, deserves our attention:  Public ownership of sports teams.  Green Bay Packers for all!

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