Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Success Tastes Delicious

Before I tell you this true success story, I want to strike a note of caution about success stories in general. The most important thing I can say is this: the only story that matters is the one you will tell about YOUR success.

It's easy to sit on the couch and watch The Biggest Loser. Or, attend one class after another, or seek one more opinion. Yes, stories are inspirational and your research plays a big role, but at some point only YOUR ACTION will take you from here to there.

So, now for the story.

Many years ago I had a friend Gloria (a housewife) who was a great cook. Baking was her specialty. Her daughter Janet worked at Eli's Restaurant -- a popular steak house: where cheesecake was the dessert specialty. Gloria and Janet decided that their cheesecake recipe was as tasty as Eli's, so they rented kitchen space from a bakery (in the off, off hours) and started baking. Gloria adjusted her ingredient amounts for commercial fare while Janet went around to restaurants, grocery and specialty stores to give them tastes. People loved Cheesecakes by JR.

Although his cheesecake is still around, Eli's restaurant is long gone. But, every time I drive down Howard Street, I smile when I see J.R. Dessert Bakery. It's still going strong.

Joan Chandler
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