Thursday, December 2, 2010

Idea Mining -- The Path to Gold

Every successful enterprise begins with a good idea. Ideas are the spark of life that spring into your head spontaneously (kind of like the "big bang theory"). They occur most frequently when you are focused on a goal. Our goal now is to awaken your inner-entrepreneur. That business urge will come forward when you concentrate on what you naturally love to do.

Do you love animals? Children? Fixing things? Cooking? Fashion and Design? You get the point.

Ideas are elusive, so it's important to capture them as they occur. I like to keep a pad and pen with me, so I can jot them down. Or, if your computer is handy, you can open a file and store them.

Important tips: Ideas will wither away if you judge them too soon. And, it's not time yet to expose them to others seeking their opinion or approval.

For now, just gather your ideas.

Recommended book: WISHCRAFT by Barbara Sher

Joan Chandler
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  1. I agree with you Joan.
    Ideas are the beginning of everything.
    As an artist, they are my most important possession.
    I keep different folders where I store visual clues (magazine cutouts etc) that become ideas for something else later.

    I'm loving your new blog, you're such a smart and talented person.
    Your visit to LA left me inspired and full of ideas :)
    Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Joan, I forgot to say that I am going to order the book that you recommend in this post. I can buy it used at Amazon for only $3.98.
    Each book that you have recommended to me has been key in my personal development. I'm looking forward to reading this one.
    Thanks a lot!