Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ideas -- More Sources of Inspiration

Today, I'm reaching into my past, to talk about another potential source of good ideas. I once took a weekend course called Silva Mind Control. I know the name sounds sinister (and they have subsequently changed it to the Silva UltraMind System.) But, the purpose was a good one: to expand the mind's capacity to function more fully. The premise was that we use only 5% of our brain power.

Silva exercises involved a lot of visualization. A picture leaves a strong impression and activates the creative side of the brain. One exercise involved imagining an entity that would serve as our "personal helper" or "guide". We could seek guidance in dialogue with this imaginary source. Good ideas would come forth . . . maybe in a dream.

Okay, if this is too "far out" for you, just skip this entry. There will be many more.

If you're still with me, try the dream thing. Before going to sleep, say to yourself: "I will wake up knowing what I need to know." Pay attention to those dreams.

Personal note: During the Silva weekend, I imagined my entity as a weathered Mexican man. Several years later, when I was lost on a road in Arizona, my imaginary friend materialized as a real man working in a service station. He smiled and pointed me in the right direction.

Joan Chandler
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  1. Congrats Joan! This is great.
    Brava Joan and Elsa!!! xxxo

  2. Joan, the theme of this post is something that I have been interested in for years. As a little girl growing up in the middle of very hard circumstances, I (by intuition) developed my own way to "scape" from reality. I did that through an imaginary door in my mind. At night, before I went to sleep I opened that door and visited my wonderful secret world full of beautiful things. I could visualize every detail in that fantastic place. In perspective, I can now say that emotionally, that exercise helped me survive a very hard childhood. Thinking about my perfect world made me feel happy deep inside.

    I do believe that the potential of our mind/brain is huge and it's true that we use only a small part of it.
    Thanks a lot for this post!