Sunday, December 12, 2010

Start Focusing . . .

I once met with a potential client who said: "I want to sell everything to the whole world." When I asked him how he wanted to start, he replied: "No, no, you're limiting me!" Yes, he was crazy, but we're not, so we're going to look at all of the good ideas you've been gathering and decide how to use them to start a business.

Here are some guidelines:

Identify ONE of your talents, or interests, as the one you will use to create a product or service. You will be using all of your abilities along the way, for now we are focusing on creating a business.

Think small, and do-able. Something you can get started on right away. You don't have to make big investments of money at this stage. You do have to set aside time to work on your business. You are now an entrepreneur.

Now, write out a description of your business. Be very specific. It is important at this stage to really know what it is you are selling. A good way to get a firm definition of your business is to put yourself in the head of your perfect customer.

What's the most important reason your customer will LOVE your product?

Start focusing . . . start writing . . .

Joan Chandler
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