Thursday, July 28, 2016

We All Need A Laugh

Al Franken is suffering from a previous career inferiority complex.  The evidence is his steadfast refusal to be funny.  For his entire first term as Senator he did not appear on TV.  He preferred to attract no publicity.  He was probably devoting himself to his conversion therapy aimed at scrubbing away all of the SNL lingering inside.

Now that he is "safe" he has been popping up here and there for interviews.  When coaxed to give us just a little of that old twinkle, Al stays serious . . . very serious.  He made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention with Sara Silverman.  I still can't believe he stood there and let Sara show him how it's done.

C'mon Al, everyone says we need diversity.  And authenticity.  And, if Republicans keep control of the Senate, our sanity is going to depend on some comic relief.


  1. Joan, this was a cute, funny story. I always liked Al. Thanks, love David

  2. maybe he lost his humor mojo, joan.. just doesn't have it anymore… the senate can take all the life out of a person!!

  3. I think Bonnie is on to something here - could be too difficult to find the humor on the inside rather than from the outside.