Sunday, July 17, 2016

Living Small

As I was reading my friend Gerry's blog about marriage, I thought us oldsters face the fact that the big decisions and the high stakes lie in the past.  And, along with them lies the drama and excitement attached.  Is that depressing or comforting?  Most likely, it's both.

Keeping attached to the newness of today for me involves living "small."  A new job, a new love affair, or new home becomes new book, new class, new restaurant.  Or even, unwrapping a new bar of soap.  Boring?  Remember, we can put danger, guilt and regret in the rear view mirror too.

And if you fall into the trap of "I've seen all this before,"  just think of President Trump.  C'mon, it may not be small but this is definitely new.


  1. The mindfulness crowd, as well as some Buddhist philosophy, would try just what you are doing: to attend to everything happening while it happens, so as to make it new. Thanks for mentioning my recent post.

  2. Every encounter is new in life, Joan. Like a bridge hand, metaphorically speaking. We have the opportunity to explore and discover the riches within our encounters. We need only to ask the necessary questions.
    If we do, We will be enriched.

  3. i love opening a new bar of soap!!