Monday, July 11, 2016

Not Miss Lonely Heart

I have succumbed to surveillance.  Surprised?  An old leftie, former ACLU employee, fan of Edward Snowden.  Okay, it isn't all of me that big brother is watching (big doctor?) but absolutely the most vital part.

I am currently hooked up via electronic monitor with my heart doctor.  (This wasn't the last hook up I had in mind.)  The surveillance idea hit me when the nurse called to inform me that for six seconds my heart had skipped a beat.  "Don't worry", she said, "but we will keep you informed."

So, my heart has no privacy -- and I guess I am grateful.

Remember the classic tune "Heart and Soul?"  Maybe I still get to keep my soul here with me.


  1. Great and informative post, Joan. Stay cool always. Love,David

  2. very interesting!! you mean your heart didn't beat for six seconds.. or it skipped beatS during that six seconds???