Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Forever Young

My friend Gerry said it best.  Commenting on his ode to his grandson's first July 4, he said:  "When you are new, everything is new."  I think that's what my friend Lail and I had in mind when we made a pact to "die young."

Looking around my life at what is wearing out (computer, carpeting, TV, please not yet my heart) I realize this needs to be offset with what can still be unexpected, challenging, stimulating.

One of my favorite new expressions is "Stay woke."  What that means to me is: keep paying attention, keep being interested, don't let firm habits turn your head away from the still to be discovered.

So here's to new books to read, new shows to get excited about, new classes.  And, maybe even a new friend who may come along if my eyes are open.


  1. Great post Miss Joan C., very inspirational, thanks, love David

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful observation, Joan. I need to try to feel like there are new things in life instead of feeling that the best of life is over.