Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Hugables

The McDonald's on my corner is a nice enough place.  I still miss the diner which used to be across the street before it was replaced by a bank.

There's usually a group of Asian men at the big table.  Maybe they come in after doing tai chi in the park.  Since the corner is a turn over point, a lot of CTA workers drink coffee and wait for their next shift.  Then there are the shabby men from the SRO down the street on Sheridan. My father's cousin was once one of them.

When I go through the drive-thru (McD's spelling), the girls in the window are cute and friendly and wear amazing fashion on their long nails. 

 Did I hear that McDonald's Super Bowl ad encouraged hugging among the customers instead of paying?  Or, is the hugging supposed to be between the customers and the staff?  I'm going to call my friend Lisa at Leo Burnett to find out more about this latest incarnation of the "I'm Lovin' It" campaign.

McDonald's is regarded as uncool now.  My friend Addie calls it "McPoison." People are supposed to prefer organic wraps to bacon and fries.  I'm on the Pope's "who am I to judge" side on this one.  I'm not sure some hugs among this group of neighbors is going to help. 

If the suits in Oak Brook want some advice, I suggest talking to the girls in the carry out line.

Those nails are forever cool. 

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