Friday, February 20, 2015

Oscar Gets in the Game

Joe six-pack has arrived on the red carpet.  Here's how he got there:  Disney, the uber corporation, owns ABC, the network broadcasting the Academy Awards, owns ESPN, your sports authority.  I believe they call it cross-platform marketing when all of a sudden the Oscar nominees are being discussed on ESPN as earnestly as the NBA and MLB prospects.

On Mike and Mike, the national sports morning program, Adman Burke, one of ESPN's regulars, gave a very thorough summary of this year's Oscar contenders and favorites.  Then, this afternoon on a local sports radio call in show, listeners, by picking an Oscar winner, were able to win a gift certificate to (where else?) Ditka's restaurant. ( No matter that most of the callers hadn't actually seen any of the films.)

A contest is a contest, right?  It made this movie/sports hybrid feel right at home.

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