Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The Jackie Robinsons have been stripped of the National Little League title.  It's a sad day around here.  Even the broadcasters who are reporting the news have that "say it ain't so" in their voices.The boys brought so much joy to a violence plagued Chicago.  We were eager to spread a very large red carpet for them and loved their stardom all the way to the White House.  I hope the boys won't be punished now . . . or in the future.

There's so much punishment going around. It seems that only the police are off the hook.  Thom Hartmann, the radio show host, says that when Occupy Wall Street protesters were booked, many were slapped with felony charges.  You know what that means:  no scholarships, no jobs, and no right to vote.  No wonder the student protest movement is non-existent.

And Brian William sent into exile.  Now we can all feel better.  Whew.

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