Friday, February 6, 2015

Lies and Damned Lies

Brian Williams lied about being forced down by enemy fire aimed at his helicopter during the Iraq War.  I hope he doesn't resort to using that slippery word "misremember."  Let's save that one for the mental mishaps of us oldsters.

From exile, Dan Rather is supporting Williams, emphasizing his otherwise great career.  I'm inclined to forgive him too.  Didn't Hillary "misremember" something in Bosnia?  I think she is forgiven, at least for now.

Since we're faced with an epidemic of lying, I think the triage approach makes sense.  Let's pin our outrage on the most serious outbreaks of lying:  the Iraq War: the "banksters."  I'm sure you have your list.

From the triage point of view, Brian Williams has a bad cold.

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