Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cell Memories

A few years ago, a journalist wrote an article about her visit to a therapist who practiced "Emotional Liposuction."  The words stuck with me so strongly that I wrote down his name and number.  The idea is that the therapist, using techniques that sounded like reiki or healing touch, draws out of the cells memories that are lodged there and cause pain until their energy is released.  Makes sense to me.

 Going through my papers, I came across the Liposuction name yesterday.  A sign, or a coincidence?  Maybe this is exactly what I need to get rid of some of the pain I walk around with every day.  Funny how putting powerful chemicals into our bodies seems perfectly reasonable, even when we have to ignore all of those side effect warnings.  And, it's covered by insurance. But, imagining cell memory -- and a cleansing -- seems so squishy and thus unsupported by the powers that be.  I'm going to investigate it.

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  1. I once read that negative emotions make our bodies release some chemicals that cause pain and illness. Emotional Liposuction makes lots of sense to me as well. There must be ways to get rid of those chemicals stored in our cells over the years. I'm curious to learn what you find out about that practice.