Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Border Wars

My friend Jim and I like to joke that if Romney wins the election we are going to Canada, preferably Vancouver.  We brought this up at lunch yesterday with Trudy.  She said: "Fat chance.  I've already looked into it.  Unless you have a "desirable" skill, you won't have enough points to get into the country." How many points for an oldster who writes an occsional blog?  My guess is zero.

Now I read that Andy Borowitz, who provides a daily dose of timely wit, is covering the story.  He reports that Canada is bracing for a flood of "illegal aliens" after November 6.

I wonder how long it would take those friendly Canadians to call us "takers not makers" and lazy moochers if we tried to take advantage of their national health care system.

Maybe Puerto Rico will take us.  Or Guam.  I think they are "American."  Wow.  I need to get down the atlas and figure out where things are, and who controls them.  "Papers, please, indeed."


  1. Hey Joan,
    Let me know what you find out. I think France might still be a possibility. Will look into it if necessary. I certainly hope not!

  2. I am so repulsed at the possibility of a Mutt Rawmoney presidency that sometimes I feel absolutely paralyzed. If the unthinkable happens, I guess one small comfort will be if one lives in a state that at least does not carry Romney. Last time I checked when Bush was elected, Germany had a more lenient immigration policy towards aliens with family in Germany. I think I will have to look into it and get a German Rosetta Stone course. Maybe I could find employment in the field of mass transportation, my passion. We all have to have dreams - right?