Friday, October 19, 2012

Tigers on the Prowl

Now that the Tigers are headed for the World Series, I'm thinking fondly of my "Tiger memories."  When Briggs Stadium was about to close, I travelled to Detroit with my friend Ron, to catch one of the last games at the Stadium of my youth.  We stopped for dinner on Michigan Avenue and sat sadly as the rain poured relentlessly outside.  Ron said: "Well, even if they call the game, I'll take a picture of you in front of the place."

We got back into the car and, just as we approached the parking lot, the rain stopped.  The sun came out of nowhere.  Happily, we went on to watch the Bengals win 11-2.  I stood in line with fans from all over (Texas, Minnesota, California) to snatch some last relics of Briggs.  I'm wearing my "big D" hat today!

I hope my euphoria is not in vain.  Those Cardinals, who are poised to win again, are the absolute definition of the "undead."  Don't you think it would be simple for the "big beast of the jungle" to squash a little red bird?  Isn't that the "law of nature?"  The answer is "no."  The laws of baseball, which continue to amaze, will, as always, prevail.

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