Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Night That Will Live . . .

To my friends who are agonizing over the presidential race, and biting their nails even harder after the first debate, I have a cure:  Turn to baseball!  Last night, two of the most dramatic games ever were played. One was on the east coast, and then, if you could stay up late enough, another in California.  And, even though the two games were won by the teams I wanted to lose, I loved the action too much to regret a minute of it.

Alex Rodriguez, the priciest Yankee of them all, is hitting so poorly, that he was BENCHED in the ninth for a pinch hitter.  Raul Ibanez, a 40 year old bench man, took the first pitch into the stands for a game-tying home run.  Then, in the 12th inning, that same no-name, no big salary guy, hit another homer to win it.  This stuff just doesn't happen . . . except when it does.

Later last night, I couldn't believe that another walk-off run won the game for the pesky Oakland team.  These are the "moneyball" guys that have no reason to be there, but they don't know that. My Tigers are on the ropes.

Call me and tell me about Biden/Ryan.  I'll be tuned in elsewhere having as much fun as a baseball fan can have.  And my team isn't even playing!


  1. Hi Joan,

    Great Advice - I think I will take you up on it.

    Take Care, Pam

  2. Awesome note about baseball, thanks for the update!