Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Locked Out America

Paul Ryan and Scott Walker, those union-bashing Wisconsin politicians, are squealing.  They are furious that their beloved Green Bay Packers were deprived of a win when inept "replacement" (read "scab") referees got everything wrong and gave away the win to Seattle.  Funny how much experience and professionalism means to Paul and Scott today.  Maybe if teachers and paramedics put on Green Bay uniforms they could get a little respect.

The professional union referees have been locked out all season.  In a marketplace that is worth billions, this lock out tactic is being used to squeeze workers.  The billionaire owners know they have a society addicted to football.. . and to betting on football.  Estimates are all over the place, but some say hundreds of millions of dollars shifted in those nanoseconds at the end of the game.

And lock outs are the new norm in big sports.  The NFL players were locked out last year.  The NBA season was cut short.   The hockey players are locked out right now.

The Green Bay Packers are a unique team because they are owned by the community.  Wouldn't it be fun to see all 200,000 owner/fans occupy the NFL offices?  We'd probably have to send some referees to provide security.

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  1. Bingo, Joan - I couldn't have said it better. Ryan and Walker really have a set of big ones to cry about a situation born of their favorite issue of union busting. I am completely dumfounded by their unabashed hypocricy. I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan and Walker personally strong-armed the NFL owners to work out an agreement. Again, Money Talks!!