Friday, September 7, 2012

Dave Yes, Andy No

My TV watching won't be nearly as much fun now.  No, it's not because the Democratic Convention is over.  It's because Andy Roddick retired from tennis and Roger Federer was defeated at the U.S. Open.  Please don't let it be Andy Murray this year.  He's such a pill.

A few moments at the Convention reminded me of my favorite political movie: "Dave."  Remember the plot?  The evil handlers of a President in a coma persuade the President's identical look alike to take his place.  Dave, the look alike, is too good and too clever a man to let the evil ones get away with it. (Crazy plot, good movie.)

I first thought of "Dave" when those Castro twins showed up.  One is the Mayor of San Antonio and the other is running for the Senate.  They look so identical that if one got sick, the other could easily take his place.

The other "Dave" moment came during President Clinton's speech.  One of the lines that brought down the house was when he said the "magic formula" for fixing the budget was "arithmetic"!  In the movie, Dave brings in his accountant to look over the U.S. budget.  The accountant knows how to correct the numbers.  So do we.


  1. I hope all of my friends vote for Barack Obsma. The idea of Romney/Ryan is frightening. P.S. I lived the convention.

  2. I loved the movie, "Dave" too! Thanks for sharing. x