Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Striking Moment

As I was driving around the city last week, I enjoyed honking my horn whenever I saw a group of striking teachers.  I gave them a big thumbs up and they cheered.  Cheap thrill I guess, but I'll take my thrills whenever I can get them.

Lessons I learned from the strike that I already knew but needed to be reminded:

Pay attention to the people who are actually doing the work and facing the conditions they fight to improve.  Outside "education reform" think tanks don't have "cred."

The parents who supported the teachers surprised the media who thought they would immediately hate  being inconvenienced.

A democratically run Union, which apparently is what the teachers Union became under new leadership, may be messier, but is stronger.


  1. Read very good Diane Ravitch piece in New York Review of Books for insightful analysis of the forces and stakes behind the strike and the general assault on public education and teachers.

  2. Great Post! I am so glad you were out there putting in your 2 cents - believe me, I was sitting next to you in spirit. Physically, I was sitting at my desk cheering the teachers on. I am so proud of the Chicago teachers and the supportive parents for standing up to injustice and the systematic dismantling of our public school system. Get me back to Sweet Home Chicago!!